Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Love Me Some Vegetables!

         After my vegetable adventure a few weeks back I've been trying to add more of them into my daily menu. There are a few different ones that I have been eating on a regular basis, but rutabagas have been appearing more often than the others. I've tired them a few different ways, but the way I like to eat them the most is mashed. They have a light, mild cauliflower flavor but, unlike cauliflower, have the creamy, fluffy texture of mashed potatoes. With a little butter, salt, and pepper, I could eat them all day long. They are a great way to replace carb loaded potatoes, but still leave you feeling satisfied at the end of your meal (1 cup of potatoes have around 30 carbs, while one cup of rutabagas have around 11 carbs). This is, without a doubt,  my favorite way to eat rutabagas (this can also be found in the recipe section under sides):

Mashed Rutabagas

-  1 medium to large rutabaga

-  1 tbsp. butter (more or less to your own taste)

-  Salt and pepper to taste

-  2 crushed garlic cloves, or garlic powder to taste (optional)

-  Peel the rutabaga and cut into 1 inch cubes. Place in a medium pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook 30 to 45 minutes, until rutabaga is fork tender, then drain. Mash with remaining ingredients and enjoy!

It is that simple, and they are so good! I almost prefer them to mashed potatoes... almost. While I do love a big scoop of mashed potatoes, mashed rutabagas are a nice alternative for me while I'm trying to lose weight.

I hope some of you out there give this recipe a try, you just might enjoy them as much as I do!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Summer Of ME!

My Summer of ME!

Summer is fast approaching, and now that school is done until fall (for me anyway) I've started thinking about what I want to do with my time. I've decided that I will be dedicating my summer... to myself. I will still do all the things I usually do (but secretly don't want to) like laundry, cleaning, and cooking dinner, but I will be using my spare time for things more productive than just eating bags of chips and watching TV.

I have decided that this is my summer, and no one is going to take it away from me. This will be the summer I will do all the things I've always said I was going to, but never got around to. I will work out at least 5 times a week, more if I can. I will eat better than I have been. I WILL lose weight. I've been slowly losing the last few weeks, but this summer I plan on losing a big chunk of the weight I've got to lose. This time around I will make this weight loss thing work.

I know I've said that all before, but I truly mean it, and plan on doing everything in my power to make it happen. Something about this time feels different, like I was never really ready in the past, but I am now. You know how they always say you have to be ready to make the changes you need in your life... like how people can never really quit smoking until they are truly ready to do it... I am truly ready to make this change in my life. Not only am I ready to, but I have to. By this time next summer I plan on being at my goal weight, or if not that, at least very, very close to it.

I'm using this blog as my contract of sorts. My promise, not only to my self, but to my husband, my family, and all of you out there that actually read this blog, that this will be the last time I ever say I'm going to start losing weight. I've started... and I will finish. I want to be healthy, happy with the way I look and feel, and be able to look forward to a life free from fat, and full of possibility!

What will this summer be for you?

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Friday, 4 May 2012

A Tuff Week

    So this has not been a good week for me. My weigh in on Wednesday was not the  best it could have been. I was down 0.4 of a pound, but I've been stuck in the 230 for quite a while now... I'm talking at least 2 months. Something my trainer, John, isn't very happy about, and neither am I, I feel like I'm wasting his time by not do what I should be doing, I really just wanted to cry.

     I know the problem is all in my head. My fitness is great, I feel like I could work out all day sometimes. I can do so much more than i used to be able to. So why can't I get rid of this weight you ask? Because I'm stuck in a food rut that I can't seem to get out of. I call it a food rut because I've gotten lazy and just eat what ever is there, which is usually something that I shouldn't be eating.

    I know what to eat and the right way to eat them. I just get lazy and decide it would just be easier to eat something that's ready to go, instead of putting in the little bit of extra work to eat what is good for me. It's terrible to say that, isn't it? I'm lazy. I hate seeing that word, because I have no reason to be lazy. I know what it's doing to me and the effect it's having on my weight... I see it every Wednesday when I weight in. And yet I continue to do what I've been doing. I can do so good for a week or two, then it's a week or two of crap, which is exactly why I've been stuck at almost the same weight for so long. I need to get out of this rut, and fast!

   So, after deciding I need to change the way I've been doing things, I decided to do something pretty exciting yesterday (It was exciting for me anyway!).  I decided that I need to start getting my carbs from vegetables instead of other, less healthy, foods, so I went to the store and bought every single vegetable that I had never tried before. I spent the rest of the day cooking and trying all of these new veggies. There where a few I didn't really care for, but there where quite a  few that I enjoyed and will be including in my meals from now on! I wasn't expecting to like all of them of course, but I'm really excited that I liked as many as I did, and I'm excited to being including them in my menu planning.

   I encourage all of you to try some new veggies and see if you can find something new to enjoy!! I hope you all are doing well, and continue reaching for your goals!

♥  Lots of LOVE  ♥


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Little Inspiration

A little inspiration for your Tuesday!

       I can't quite remember where I ran across this idea - I was either on StumbleUpon or Pinterest, but I think they may have originated here. I thought they were a great idea and just had to make my own!

     You can use any sort of jar or container you like - I've seen people use fish bowls, old wine glasses, candle holders, mason jars, or just some old bowls or cups you don't mind using; the possibilities are endless! You can decorate them any way you like - I've seen painted ones with feathers and designs, some with pictures taped on the front, or just simple words written with marker, what ever makes you happy. Just use what ever you have around the house, or you can go out and get some supplies, it just depends on how much you are willing to spend. I had some old ribbons and jars, I just bought some scrap booking letter stickers that stuck right to the front of the jars. For the inside you can use marbles, pebbles, rocks, or glass stones like I've used (they are very inexpensive). In mine, I have 100 stones all together, one for each pound I need to loose. There are 80 black stones for 1 pound lost, 19 green stones for every 5 pounds lost, and for my final 100 pound stone I have a golden heart, just to make it a little special. I already have 5 stones in my lost jar!!

     I keep the jars in my living room, mostly because that is where I spend most of my time. Every time I'm craving something or think I need food, I just look at those jars and it reminds me of what my goal is - and reminds me that I don't really need that food I'm craving - I need to lose weight to add more stones to my lost jar. They have been working so far!

     Do any of you have things that keep you motivated? I'd love to hear about them!! I hope you all are doing well and continue to reach for your goals!!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm Back!

         First off, I would like to apologize to the 4 of you that actually read this blog; I didn't realize that I had been away for so long. But I'm back now, and will be posting here much more often then I have been. I know that doing a blog isn't something a lot of people think of as important or worth the time it takes to do it (except for all of you, thankfully!) , but I really believe that this blog is going to help me through my journey to become a healthier and happier me. By making the time to do things here, it's helping me make time for other things in my day that are important to me, like my workouts! I thank you all for your support, and I know, that by posting here, your continued support will only help me in achieving my goals.

Now, lets move on to something a little more interesting! :)

A Yummy Protein Shake!

I wish I would have thought about this idea a long time ago: iced coffee with protein for a great post workout snack or meal replacement! We'll start with the healthier iced coffee recipe that one of my younger sisters, Kristy, came up with. It's a very simple recipe, tastes amazing, and has WAY less calories than an iced coffee you can get at Starbucks, or any other restaurant that may have them. Here is the recipe (it will also be posted on my recipes page under drinks):

Healthier Iced Coffee:

1 cup brewed coffee of your choice (I love Folgers vanilla biscotti flavor)
1/4 cup milk (you can use 2%, 1%, or skim, it just depends your preference and how many calories your willing to use up on a drink)
1 tsp. sweetener of choice ( I use Truvia, but you can use what ever sweetener you like)

Add all ingredients to a 16 ounce cup and stir well to combine. Add enough ice to fill the cup the rest of the way and mix well. That's it! It's simple, quick, and it really does taste good. If your using 2% milk the drink is a total of 33 calories, for 1% it's a total of 30 calories, and for skim milk it's a total of 22 calories. And yes, those numbers are correct! I also add in just a small amount of sugar free liquid vanilla creamer, for a little extra flavor, which does add a few more calories, but the creamer is optional; those that don't want to use it don't have to... it tastes just as great without it.

Now, to make it into a protein shake, all you need to do is add 1 scoop of your favorite whey protein powder, and shake well to combine with the iced coffee mixture - before adding the ice of course - then just add your ice and mix again. I use a chocolate protein powder, so it adds a hint of chocolaty flavor to the drink, witch I think is pretty dang good! The powder I use is 100 calories per scoop, so my final product is about 133 calories (I use 2% milk).

I hope some of you try this recipe and enjoy it as much as I do!

I think this is a good place to end today's post. I have a few more little projects I've been working on that I'll be sharing soon!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Thursday, 16 February 2012

It's Been Too Long!

I can't believe how time gets away from me! I know its only been a couple of weeks, but I had planned on posting here at least once a week, so I'm a little behind. I've been a busy girl lately!

School is still stressing me out, but I feel like I'm doing a little better handling it. I've had papers galore due these last few weeks, so that has taken up all of my time, keeping me from posting here. I'm halfway done with this set of classes, and then I get a little bit of a break. I just have to stay focused and keep pushing through. And most importantly, stop telling myself that I can't do this, because it always works out, so I should know better by now!

I have made a drastic change to my diet the last 2 weeks. I have been going low carb and I have cut out all sugar. It has been VERY hard, I have never craved bread so bad in my life, but I've managed to make it through the first 2 weeks. I am happy to report that I am down 7.5 pounds! I can't believe it was that much, but I guess cutting that stuff out really works for me! who knew? :)  I'm going to stick with it and hopefully it will be what I've needed to get this weight off. I'm really happy with the results so far, and I look forward to future results!

I hope everyone out there is doing well!

♥  Lots of LOVE  ♥


P.S.  I recently tried mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes and I was surprised at how good they were! They almost taste like potatoes once you add in some seasonings. I am happy to say that it will be a regular part of my dinner plan!

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Stress is Driving Me Mad

I'm quickly getting very stressed out from school. 
I've never really been good with stress, it just makes me want to sleep all the time, and my workouts have been suffering because of it. I've really been trying to control my eating, so I haven't really gained any weight, but I've only been to the gym twice during the last 2 weeks, and that's only because I work out with my trainer every Wednesday. Every night I go to bed thinking "I am going to get up by 6:30, go work out, and then it will be done and I can move on with my day." But when 6:30 comes and the alarm clock is going off... I just can't seem to pull myself out of bed. By the time I'm done hitting the snooze and get out of bed, it's 7:30 or 8, and I don't have time to get to the gym before my class starts. I feel like I'm full of nothing but excuses the last few weeks, and I just can't seem to find a way to stop making the excuses and just do something. I always find a reason not to, and most of the reasons aren't very good.

I'm sure most of you out there have dealt with the same problem... I know I'm not the only one. I just wish this was all easier. I wish I had a better way to deal with stress... maybe I should start meditating or something. Has anyone out there ever meditated before? I'm not really sure how to go about doing it, so if anyone has any advise, on meditation or anything else that would help out with stress, please help me out!

I hope all of you are doing well, and dealing with your stress a little better then I am!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Just Want a Cookie!!

School is in full swing now, and I'm starting to freak out just a little bit. Just thinking about all the papers I have to write makes me want to cry! I know I'll make it through, but being at the beginning and looking toward the end, seeing all the work that lies ahead, is a little daunting. I know I'm not the first to deal with all of this, and I know I wont be the last, but it still sucks being in the middle of it all.

The big problem with all of this new stress, is it makes me want to eat, a lot, and all the time. I'm trying to deal with it, but it is SO hard to fight the cravings I get. I'm really trying to stay focused, and make sure I make time for all of my workouts, but it doesn't make it any easier to fight off the cravings. My biggest downfall is food, it always has been, and I'm sure it always will be. I don't mind working out... it's not my favorite thing to do, but I feel good afterwards, and that's always a feeling you want to keep having, so I can at least talk myself into making time for working out. But when it comes to food, I almost wish there was something I could take that would make all the food I love (and that are bad for me) taste terrible. That would make life so much easier, if only life worked that way!

Anyway... I just needed to get all of that out of me! I Hope none of you mind. I'm sure a lot of you out there have many of the same issues with food, otherwise none of us would be overweight, right? I'm sure I will always struggle with it, but I'm hopping that, during the next few weeks, I can deal with my cravings in a more productive way, and make it through this semester of school without gaining a single pound!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm so sweaty I feel like I just took a shower!

Today has been a pretty good day. I had an AWESOME workout. I ran/walked a mile in 14 minutes, which for me is really good. Then I walked for another 15 minutes, walking up hill for 10 of those minutes, then I ran up hill for 2 minutes. I felt amazing when I was done. Then I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine and called it a day. I was exhausted, but I felt really good about the work I had done. I was so drenched with sweat that I felt like I had just taken a shower... I definitely needed one after that workout!

The weekend is here and I have a lot going on. My husband, Chris, wants to go to a movie and dinner tomorrow. I love going out and enjoying time with my husband, but restaurants scare me a little. I always have every intention of getting something 'good for me', but when the time comes and I see all the good things on the menu, I can't help myself. This time I am determined to get something that I wont regret later. I don't want to go home feeling guilty about what I ate, that is never a good feeling. Sunday we have dinner at a friends house, which is also a bit difficult, since I'm never sure what kind of food we are going to be met with when we get there. It's never anything terribly unhealthy, but with all the appetizers before hand and dessert after, it really makes me struggle to stay on track. I'm hopping I can keep my willpower up this time around and be happy with myself when we go home!

I'm really hoping this weekend goes by slow because school starts for me on Monday! I'm not really ready for it yet, but I don't really have much of a choice! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and can me happy with all of the choices you make, like I'm hoping to be happy with mine!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

That Chocolate is Staring at Me!!

So, it’s been a couple of days now “back on track”. It is SO hard getting back into things. It seems like all I think about all day is food… that’s not normal! I don’t know what it is, it’s like I’m afraid it’s all going to be gone or something… ha-ha, that makes me sound a little crazy! I know it’s there, it’s not going anywhere, and I’m definitely not going to starve…. I just want to sit and eat all day, and I don’t like that. 

 I have a bar of dark chocolate that I keep in my freezer. I break it up into squares and I eat 2 or 3 of those squares after dinner to take care of my sweet tooth. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. If I had things my way, all I would ever eat would be chocolate, cakes, cookies… anything that has a lot of sugar. Anyway,  I’ve been trying stay away from it these past few days, trying to wean myself slowly off of sugar, which I really need to do. But every time I go into the freezer to get something, usually something to cook for dinner…. I swear that thing is staring at me, taunting me. I should just throw it away so I don’t even see it, but I can’t bring myself to do it… Oh chocolate… if only we could get along! 

School will be starting up again for me next week and it has me very nervous! I’m so afraid of failing that it’s got me freaking out a little bit. I know I’ll be stressed, and when I get stressed, I eat. That’s how I fell of track this past time. I didn’t even realize that I was eating, until half the package of whatever I was eating was gone. Then I would feel terrible and guilty, and that doesn’t feel good at all. I’m going to really focus on myself this time around and make sure that don’t eat if I’m not hungry. Maybe I should buy a bunch of sugar free gum and just chew that, it might help.

We are already 10 days in to the new year... crazy! I hope this new year is starting off great for everyone! We all make so many resolutions this time of year, I just hope I can stick to mine, and that all of you can do the same! I have really got to make it work, I just can’t stay this way anymore. I hope this blog finds all of you doing well and felling motivated to make it work for yourselves too!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥


Monday, 9 January 2012

A New Year and a New Start

Well, where do I start?

I’ve never done a blog before… so I’m not really sure where this whole thing is heading. I guess I’ll figure it out as I go. While it would be nice if people read this blog and maybe even find it helpful or interesting, that’s not my main goal. I’m starting this blog as a way of tracking my life, and my progress through this ‘weight loss journey’ as I’m calling it. I’m sure there will be a few recipes and other random things along the way, but I’m sure no one will mind. If readers out there do like what I have to say and find some of my posts helpful, that’s great! Finding support and inspiration is as big a part of weight loss as working out and eating right is. I hope I can help some of you, while some of you help me! 

I guess this first post is a good place to start from the beginning…. I currently weigh 246 pounds. No point in sugar coating it… just get it out there and get it over with. I took me a while to decide if I was going to put my weight on here or not… but then I figured, what’s the point in writing a weight loss blog, if I’m not going to be honest and forthcoming from the start? It hurts to see that number… I’ve been lighter than that in recent years, and it hurts admitting that I’ve gained a lot of weight back that I had once lost. 246 pounds is not the heaviest I’ve been, but it’s still not a healthy weight, and definitely not where I want to be.

I have been working out with a trainer at the gym for almost 7 months now, and haven’t really lost any weight. I know that sounds strange, but I haven’t exactly been keeping an eye on what I eat, so that makes it a little more difficult to see results. My trainer is great, I have definitely noticed an increase in my strength and stamina, I just need to do my end of the deal and get back on track with my eating habits. 

With the new year, I am making a new start. I have recommitted myself to this journey, and I am focused and ready to do what I need to do to make it work this time around. I plan on posting here at least a few times a week, maybe even everyday if I can find anything worth writing about… I consider myself to be pretty boring, but I’m sure I can come up with something. So, with that, I’m off… time to get this thing going.

More to come!

♥ Lots of LOVE ♥